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TUTCO is one of the world’s largest suppliers of electric resistive heating elements and holds 80% of the US patents in open coil heating technology. TUTCO open-coil air heaters and conductive heating products can be found in countless industrial, commercial and residential electric heating applications across the globe. 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, customer expectations are high and product life cycles are short. Reliable manufacturing partners are necessary to bring products to market on time and on budget.  Our experience, coupled with cutting edge facilities, continue to drive our success. As a result, ideas can become reality within days. TUTCO strives to lead in the development of custom engineered heating solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications.  

Conductive Strip Heaters

TUTCO manufacturers a variety of customized strip heaters. Strip heaters can be used in a variety of applications including food warming, heating enclosures, and OEM packaging machinery. TUTCO Strip Heater product families include our Ultima, HT Mica, Permaheat and Ceramic. Each of these product families provide excellent heat transfer and reliable safe operation.

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New Round Duct Heaters

TUTCO Electric Round Series Duct Heaters are used with heat pumps, air conditioners, or other forced air HVAC systems. They are controlled by contactors, relays, sequencers or solid state devices. Round Series Duct Heaters are pre-wired with customer specified integrated control boxes and available in both single phase and three phase solutions up to 480V. 

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Specialty Flanged Inline Heaters

TUTCO SureHeat engineers custom high temperature electric heaters for low flow and high pressure gas streams.  These highly customized solutions deliver quick, safe and precise temperatures for Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and other demanding applications. 

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Flexible Heating Solutions

TUTCO Farnam engineers and manufactures custom flexible conductive heaters for irregular shaped surfaces. Flexible heaters are widely used for controlling humidity and  temperature under adverse conditions.   

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Industries and Applications


TUTCO supplies OEM solutions to the automotive industry. Process air and many conductive heating products are used in automotive manufacturing and aftermarket component production facilities. 

Food Service

Whether you are engineering a new product or seeking to improve a current one, TUTCO can provide food service heat solutions for cooking, serving, preparation, and packaging applications.


TUTCO Heating Solution Group designs, tests and manufactures the highest quality heaters for the HVAC industry and provides heaters to premier HVAC OEMs for commercial and residential applications. 


TUTCO has provided many custom heaters for the medical industry for diagnostic equipment, laboratory equipment, patient comfort and therapeutic equipment.